I am no longer accepting new clients.
"Sleeping is not a contact sport. You should not wake up stiff and sore."



Peaceful Strength's assisted stretch and massage is all about combining Thai bodywork and clinical massage techniques to provide pain relief without your getting undressed and covered in oil. Our goal is to relieve pain and help your body restore range of motion.
Assisted Stretch and Massage
Peaceful Strength believes in an inclusive approach, we don't charge different prices for different skills or up charge for the use of tools. We believe in utilizing all our skills to customize a session to meet your needs. There are no fancy names and titles of services here. You do not have to guess what would make you feel best and then walk away disappointed thinking maybe you should have chosen something different. Here you book based on time.

120 Minute Appointment $196
"I am serious about optimal health"
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The most complete session I offer. A perfect choice for a monthly session to open the body and address restrictions. If you suffer from chronic pain, this is the session for you.

90 Minute Appointment $138
"This is exactly what I need"
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A more complete session. There is time to address specific issues and also time to address the body as a whole. Or this can be a very in depth session for one specific area.

60 Minute Appointment $98
"Please focus here."
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This session is a focused session. We can work on a main issue for the whole session and make significant progress.

Bodywork and Self-Care Coaching:
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90 Minute combo of Bodywork and self-care $138
This is a 90-minute combination session. 70 minutes of bodywork followed by 20 min self-care training.

New Clients
When booking please book a New Client session. The client intake form is very important as this work is not a spa service and understanding of what your issues are before your arrival is very important.
Please visit the Welcome New Client page for additional information.
Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy accepts Health Saving Account (HSA) cards. Please check with your HR dept/broker/plan director to make sure you can use the HSA card for massage therapy. You will be responsible to pay back if it is not accepted.
If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) program you too may use your FSA debit card. Some plans do not have debit cards but require you to send in a receipt. Just ask for one and I can email you a receipt. Your HR department/broker/plan director will be able to help answer any questions in regards to coverage.
Gift Certificates
As of November 2019 Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy, LLC no longer sells gift certificates. Our services have changed. We no longer offer table massage services. All GC that were sold for table massage will be applied to current massage services offered. We will honor the dollar amount of the gift certificates that were sold. You will be responsible to pay the difference in the GC amount and the current service prices.
Gift certificates are not replaceable if lost or stolen and should be treated as cash. Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy is not responsible for loss, theft or mutilation of certificates. Certificates cannot be redeemed for cash except in accordance with applicable law. Certificates are subject to the expiration date, if any, set forth on the face of the certificate, except where prohibited by applicable law.
Referrals & Discounts
Military and First Responder Discount: $15.00 off standard services to all our Active Military, Police Officers and Firefighters just bring in your ID. (Discounts not to be combined.)
Referral Plan: Do you have a large network of friends and family? Do you want to share your wonderful experience? With the Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy referral program you save $15.00 on your next service when your referred friend comes in. (Discounts not to be combined.)

"I've been going to Lisa for a couple of years now, and she has done wonders. I am very hard on my body practicing martial arts and striking, and she understands the stretches my body needs, as well as providing suggestions for stretches I can do at home. I only wish I had more time to go to Lisa more often!"
D.R. - 5 star review on Google
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