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What is an appointment like at Peaceful Strength?
Your first session begins with a review of the intake form you completed before arriving, an assessment and a conversation that enables us to understand what you need from the visit. After our brief conversation, we move into your treatment time, where you will get to experience what makes massage stretch therapy at Peaceful Strength unique.
We work on a mat on the floor and you will be fully clothed. We ask you to bring/wear loose fitting clothing such as exercise clothes (workout pants and a t-shirt). We focus on assessing each area of pain or discomfort you have and then treat it with the most beneficial technique(s). We encourage you to ask questions and become an active participant in your treatment; to learn to become 'awake' and in tune with your body so future treatments can enhance moving freely and without pain.
We generally see 2 types of clients: those dealing with pain and those who believe that regular massage and bodywork is an integral part of their wellness plan. If you come in for pain relief, we want to focus on your area(s) of concern; this means that most (if not all) of the treatment time is only on one or two areas of your body. The first goal is to reduce your pain and increase your mobility. A wellness-focused appointment is a total body mat based massage using a variety of techniques to smooth out the kinks and teach you how to listen to what your body needs.
After your session, whether for pain relief or wellness focus, we will spend a couple minutes discussing a treatment plan to align with your goals.



"Lisa listened to what your needs and concerns are. She adjusts those needs with each visit and the results are always amazing.... She definitely knows the body and what to do to get you back on track... Thanks Lisa"
C.H. - 5 star Google review
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