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Movement Based Massage and Bodywork Service

There are no fancy names and titles of services here. You do not have to guess what would make you feel best and then walk away disappointed thinking maybe you should have chosen something different.  Here you book based on time. 

Peaceful Strength believes in an inclusive approach, we don’t charge different prices for different skills or up charge for the use of tools. We believe in utilizing all our skills to customize a session to meet your needs.

Massage - Bodywork

  • 120 Minute - $185

  • 90 Minute - $125

  • 60 Minute - $90

We focus on helping you reduce your pain and increasing mobility. When you come in we discuss what you need that day. Maybe your neck is feeling stiff or your lower back is cranky. It is all about your needs of the day.

Our movement based massage and bodywork is an integration of Thai massage (also called Thai Yoga or Thai Yoga Massage) with various massage techniques (such as myofascial mobilization, positional release, orthopedic massage, deuro neuro modulation), therapist knowledge and experience.

Why do we work on the mat?

By working on the mat it allows the therapist to use more of their body for leverage for deeper compressions and the room on the floor allows for greater stretches, twists and fluid movement. 

Not ready to get on the floor? 

Do you have issues getting up and down from the floor? We can work with you on the massage table. You are dressed and the work is movement based massage therapy on the massage table. 



New Clients

Please book a New Client session it will be 75 or 105 minutes. You recieve 60 or 90 minutes hands on, with 15 min of assessment and follow up discussion and treatment plan.  The additional time is not an additional cost to you.

Please bring loose fitting clothes or exercise wear . All sessions are clothed. We do not offer traditional relaxation massage (no using oils no naked under a sheet). 

Please fill out intake form completly before arrival. This work is not a spa service an understanding of what your issue is before your arrival is very important.

Bodywork and Self-Care Coaching

  • 90 Minute - $130

This is a combo session. 70 minutes of bodywork and 20 min self-care training. Sessions will educate the client on proper daily ergonomics, stretches to prevent future pain occurrences and how to's on using foam rollers and massage balls. Come dressed in loose-fitting clothing or exercise wear, you will be on the mat for the bodywork and self-care training.



Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy accepts Health Saving Account (HSA) cards. Please check with your HR dept/broker/plan director to make sure you can use HSA card for massage therapy. You will be responsible to pay back if it is not accepted.

If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) program you too may use your FSA debit card. Some plans do not have debit cards but require you to send in a receipt. Just ask for one and I can email you a receipt. Your HR department/broker/plan director will be able to help answer any questions in regards to coverage.

Referrals & Discounts

Military and First Responder Discount: $15.00 off standard services to all our Active Military, Police Officers and Firefighters just bring in your ID. (Discounts not to be combined.)

Referral Plan: Do you have a large network of friends and family? Do you want to share your wonderful experience? Do you want to save money? Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy referral program save $15.00 on your next service when a referred friend comes in. (Discounts not to be combined.)

Peaceful Strength Massage

 167 S River Road, Bedford, NH 03110

603-622-3571 text 603-738-6393




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