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How Pain Works: Links and Video Clips

I believe that good health is a top priority. Being healthy and feeling good needs to take precedent.  Eating a nutritious meals, physical activity, getting plenty of sleep, finding time for your passions, are all very important in taking care of your health. If you are unwell, stressed, and in pain you can not be the best you can in life.  Family, friendships, jobs all suffer when we are unwell. My goal is to help others see the benefits of putting their health first. To not think of it as being selfish or weak, but to see that putting their health first makes them a better at helping others. Our ultimate goal as human beings is to care for others. We must take care of ourselves first then it becomes easy to take care of everyone else.

I created this page to share what I have studied on pain and how it works.  Please enjoy the videos and web articles.

YouTube Videos

A great fun video: Why things hurt.

Understanding pain.

Chronic back pain help.

Articles Links

General information about massage, health, wellness, and pain science (how pain works). Great information for general and chronic pain.

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