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By Lisa Poole

My one day holiday turned into 5 due to the storm. During the past 5 days I have thought about a lot of different things due to what we were going through.

1.I am a slave to electricity. I would be a goner by day 2 of the zombie apocalypse.  I have really taken for granted my fortunate and blessed life. The second night of no power and no sleep (wearing a knit hat, a sweat shirt, pj pants and under numerous blankets) I had a small and tiny taste of what so many people go through every night who can not afford fuel to heat their homes. It is awful.

2. I am also blessed with a wonderful family. We were supposed to host Turkey Day and we just packed it all up and crashed at my sisters cooked, laughed and ate way too much. Again we are blessed to be able to do so. There are many with out family and friends, many with out food.

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By Lisa Poole

This is from a fellow therapist. I love all my clients but not enough to have you share your germs 

Get Well Soon!
(Please don’t get me sick!)…

Are you sneezing?
Feel like you are freezing?
Food not wanting to stay up or down?

Nose running like a faucet?
Brain hiding in a closet?

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By Lisa Poole

I have been asked several times over the years “Does massage flush the toxins out of my body? That is what another therapist told me.” Short answer: No. That is an old wives tale with no real science backing it up.

My question to them “What toxins do you have?” Have you been bitten by a snake? Eating lead paint? Injected by some mad scientist with a serum turning you into a lizard (yes, I just watched the new Spider Man)? Those would be toxins. Your body produces natural metabolic waste products and takes care of them very well with liver and kidney functions.

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By Lisa Poole

My blog is here! My blog is here!!!!
I am so excited for my new and improved website and the ability to blog. What will you find on my blog? First, let me say this I am a Massage Therapist NOT an English major. If you have issues with poor punctuation, spelling, and grammar this blog may not be for you. Let me say again I am a Massage Therapist . I am good with my hands not so much with the whole writing thing. So, what will you find here? Little bits of info on the benefits of massage, health facts, exercise recommendations and some humorous stories that may include my fat cats Frodo and Wiggles and my silly old dog Rufus. What is my goal for my blog you ask? To educate and entertain you. “What? You find me funny?” (Said in my worst Joe Pesci voice).

Read and enjoy.

Send questions and comments to lisa@peaceful-strength.com

Have a wonderful day!

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