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Your Massage Therapist Crazy Motorcycle Trip

by Lisa Poole on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wow, I can not believe my vacation has come to a close. It was an amazing trip. If you ever have the chance for a long road trip on a bike you must take it. I hesitated to go, really who wants to spend 12 days on the back of a bike, I am so thankful that I did it. To see parts of this amazing country and meet folks on the road was so awesome!

I will share some of the do’s and don’t that I learned……

Starting this adventure with a head cold was no fun. A helmet a runny/stuffy nose and wind in the face equals a dull headache for a few days.  So stay healthy before hitting the road.

If you have a full face helmet wear it. I love the wind in my face but 6-8 hours a day equals chapped lips and dry windburned skin.

Sunscreen and chapstick a must.

Layers. We went from the mountains to low land and the temps varied 20 degrees.


Pack snacks. This girl does not do hungry well.

You can do laundry at hotels so you can live with less clothes than you think, except underwear and socks, you need to pack extra smiley 

Ladies you only need 1 pair of shoes. I packed 3 plus my boots that I wore on the bike and only wore 1.

Add 2 hours to your estimated time schedule. We planned 6 1/2 hour days and they all were 8 plus.

Pre-book hotels.

Your hotel front desk staff will not recommend good places to eat. At least ours didn’t.  Go explore the city you stay in. We found a great downtown in Winchester Virginia and Charlotte.

Road trips are great excuses to see friends. We got to visit some and see the sites with them. Nothing beats good friends.

Make healthy choices when eating out. Eating on the road for 12 days was hard. I made sure I had a salad every day and skipped pancakes at breakfast (my favorite morning meal).

Write down your directions. Cell service can be sketchy so if you have your directions written you won’t worry as much.

If someone tells you NOT to go to an area of town believe them.

September is a great time of year to travel. Especially southbound. The weather is perfect and all the kiddies are in school. The bad side all the senior citizens also travel then. We landed in an area of Tennessee for a few days (the riding is amazing here) but the average age was 75+ which resulted in bad driving all around us. No offense but if a motorcycle is behind you and you want to drive slow and see the sights on curvy mountain roads please pull over and let us pass.  A speed that is too slow is difficult to manage the bike. We are not being an a** hole but corners too slow could mean trouble for us on the bike.

Speaking of driving to all of you who do pay attention, don’t text and let bikes pass we thank you smiley 

This is to all of you motorcycle riders…..You must at some point go ride The Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina.  ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!  Cars stay away.

I am happy I had such a great adventure with my BFF.  We spend so much time working and worrying in life. Taking time away is so important. It allows you to reconnect and think about what is truly important in life. No one ever wishes they worked more when the end is near. Enjoy life while you can and do it often.

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