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Why I Do What I Do

by Lisa Poole on Monday, June 22, 2015

Recently I watched a Tedtalk clip on youtube on successful businesses and why they are so successful. It was like someone hit me on the head and I had a light bulb moment in regards to my practice.  I have been asked many times why did I go into massage. I have given my “elevator speech” on these occasions touting all of the benefits of massage and how they can help. I realized I have not answered the why.  This got me thinking and thinking hard.

I love what I do. Helping people feel better, less stressed, relaxed, relieved of pain, and happy. But that is not why. Now I had to really dig into my soul on this. I had to get past the what I need to do to promote and market myself. I need to get past the elevator speech. I need to stop thinking about my 1-minute talk in my networking meetings. WHY do I do this? WHY did I make the decision to go to school (disrupt my family, my life, our financial security)? WHY???

Here is why. I believe your health is the most important thing. More important than money, children, spouses, charity work, jobs….. If you don’t have your health you have nothing. How can you be a great parent, wife, volunteer, employee if you are stressed, run down, ill, weak, in chronic pain? You can’t. Don’t tell me you can. You would be lying to yourself. When you are healthy you are full of energy, thinking clearly, happy, able to handle daily stresses, have a strong immune system to keep you going to do all you do for others. We want to be the best we can for everyone. It should not mean sacrificing our health to try and do so. We have to be #1 on our list of priorities. I will say that again we MUST be #1.

This gets back to why I choose to become a massage therapist. Believing that being healthy is so important.  I want to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle. I believe massage is one factor in living a healthy life. It is really pretty simple once I got past all the business thinking. In my heart of hearts, I want everyone to live a healthy life. If I can help with massage and sharing my knowledge on health and fitness along the way that is so much better.

Pretty simple. Take care of yourself and all else follows. Being healthy equals being happy productive human being.

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