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Why Do We Put Ourselves Last on the List?

by Lisa Poole on Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Ok, Ladies, this blog is for you. You guys can read too you might relate or want to share with someone.

 I was going through my client records, something all good business owners do time to time, and I discovered something important. I have more male clients who come to see me on a regular basis than women.

I also found that I get more women to come in for the first time by offering a deep discount, more men come in with no discount. Men will come in more frequent and generally won’t hesitate to come in when in pain. Looking at these numbers and stats has me asking why? Is it me? Is it my message? Or is it how women value themselves and what their priorities are.

This may not be something the ladies want to hear.

Women, what are your priorities? Is it your kids? Your family? Your job? Having your hair colored and cut; nails done? Is all of that a priority over your health and wellness?


Numbers don’t lie. If the only time you take care of yourself is with a discount what is that telling you? The only time you will put yourself first is when you cannot take the pain, tension, sleepless nights anymore. Is that you? Would you rather spend money on your hair and clothes to look good even if you feel like crap? Do you buy for your kids even though they have way more than they need and say oh I have no money to spend on my health. I know this is blunt and I am not saying anything that I have not and continue to struggle with myself. I too say “oh, I will give it a few more days” and then the excuse of I just don’t have time pops up.

(This is an interesting article on women and men and the differences on how they handle stress.)

I saw this same trend when I was a personal trainer. I have had discussions with other health professionals and they see it too. We ladies have every excuse in the book to put ourselves on the back burner. I’m too busy, the kids need me, my boss needs me to finish this project I can’t leave work, I don’t have the money right now and so on and so on. If your child was stressed and not feeling well would you say “Oh honey its nothing. You can live with it.” Or if your husband had not slept in a week because of neck pain would you say “Don’t take time off work. Your boss needs you.” I don’t think so. You want the best for your loved ones. Why then don’t you want the best for yourself? Hmmmm…. I want you to be your best. In order to be the best wife, mother, employee, and friend you HAVE to take care of your health. That means eating right, exercising and finding a way to manage your daily stress.

Massage is a great way to manage stress along with treating muscular aches and pains. If you have the money and time for manicures, shopping with the kids for more stuff they don’t need, or sitting with hubby mindlessly in front of the TV you have time for yourself. They want the best for you just like you want the best for them. We deserve to feel good. Really think on that. …… It is ok to feel good. You don’t have to be stressed or in pain. I know it is not a fun thing to do but we must be real with ourselves and think about why we behave the way we do. Stepping back and admitting we need help and being ok with asking for help may be a key to bringing some peace, pain relief and a little more happiness to our lives.

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