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What I Learned Over This Thanksgiving

by Lisa Poole on Monday, December 01, 2014

My one day holiday turned into 5 due to the storm. During the past 5 days I have thought about a lot of different things due to what we were going through.

1.I am a slave to electricity. I would be a goner by day 2 of the zombie apocalypse.  I have really taken for granted my fortunate and blessed life. The second night of no power and no sleep (wearing a knit hat, a sweat shirt, pj pants and under numerous blankets) I had a small and tiny taste of what so many people go through every night who can not afford fuel to heat their homes. It is awful.

2. I am also blessed with a wonderful family. We were supposed to host Turkey Day and we just packed it all up and crashed at my sisters cooked, laughed and ate way too much. Again we are blessed to be able to do so. There are many with out family and friends, many with out food.

3. We need not to hesitate to ask for help.  My sister and brother in law insisted we borrow their generator. That saved a couple hundred dollars of food in the freezer. They know we never ask for help and gently nudged until we agreed. Again, many are not so fortunate to have family like this.

4. We watch way too much TV and spend way too much time on computers. No power equaled game time with the kids. What a fantastic way to learn about your children no matter how old they are. And if I do say so I have great kids who make me laugh so hard my belly hurts.

5. The other thing I have realized is how much stress effects you. Being with out power for a couple days is stressful even with a great family unit. It effects sleep, your mood, makes you feels ill, and puts you on edge. I got a good nights sleep and feel like a completely different person. That was only after a couple stressful days. Can you imagine day after day after day feeling stressed? No wonder why statistics say 90% of health problems are associated with stress.

All in all I am a very lucky woman. It is times like this weekend that give me a kick in the butt to remind me of that.

I hope you had a blessed holiday with your family and friends.

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