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Trying to Stay Healthy

by Lisa Poole on Monday, July 13, 2015

Peaceful Road

To quote my hubby “There I was minding my own business”…. when suddenly I am attacked by what I assume are killer deer flies who have been given orders to defend the woods and maim anyone who passes into their territory…..

I am doing my best to stay healthy. I have been struggling with motivation as of late and thought to myself ”why don’t you go for a walk instead of lifting weights in the dirty ‘ol basement” so off I went.

Moving into a new house in a new city has left me searching for a nice place to walk where I don’t have to drive to get there. I walked the neighborhood once and it is just too small. There is no outlet and in 15 minutes I had lapped it. Boring….Today I decided to walk a busy road for a few minutes to a quiet street that ends as a dirt road that stretches for a nice long way. Perfect, well other than the 6 minutes on the busy street. Off I went. Headphones in, ball cap on, and water in hand.

About 15 minutes later I have reached the dirt road. It is so pretty. I take out my headphones and snap a pic. Ahhh peace and quiet. The sun is dappling on the road and you can hear the moisture dripping from the trees.

I start walking and thinking how wonderful it is to be outside. Buzzz…what the…..buzzzz. Damn! Hat comes off as I walk along. BUZZZZ…swat, swat swat…missed. I walk faster….. buzz, buzzz, buzzzzz…swat swat swat. Damn how many of these little buggers are there?  I hit a sunny patch of road and they seem to disappear. Phew.  I put my hat back on take a swig of water and continue on. No sooner do I hit the shade they are back. I swear they brought friends. Now I have to decide. Do I continue down this road and hope I can kill some of them and they will leave me alone or turn around, hmmmm.  At this point, I am sure looking like a complete nut job swearing and swinging my hat around. ARRGGGGGG…Nope can’t do it. I must escape. So I turn around and head back. Now to make this visual even funnier I actually start running. I don’t run. My theory on running is only run if you are being chased and don’t have a weapon. My weapon, a hat, was useless so I had to run.

I will pause here so my family and friends who have seen me run can catch their breath after laughing so hard after the visual of me running, swigging my hat and swearing at the killer deer flies.

I reach the pavement and they stopped following me like there was an invisible wall. I catch my breath, put my hat back on and headphones back in. Damn. So much for my pretty walk on the dirt road. I guess I will have to stick to busy streets and dirty basements to stay healthy. For all of you who struggle with motivation think of how I survived a killer attack of deer flies and be inspired to stay healthy. Ha!

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