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The Real Benefit of Massage

by Lisa Poole on Friday, June 30, 2017

I often get asked what are the benefits of massage? How can it help? I could give the canned massage therapist answer, but that is not me. This is something I have thought about a lot. As I lay on the massage table receiving a massage the thoughts rolled through my head between my heavy sighs of happiness.

So what are the benefits? Space. Space away from work, kids, family, job, the chaos of life. Space from pain. Space from the pain in the neck, lower back, hands and more. Space. Space as in time (not the final frontier). While on the massage table no one is bothering you. No phones, no computer, no traffic….just you and the therapist.


Your therapist puts their hands on you and you feel a sense of calm. Touch. So simple. A well-intended touch. No complications. They touch with a purpose. A therapist goal is to help you create a sense of calm within your own body. They want to help you feel better.

This kind touch feels good. It takes you away from the stress and the pain.  It can make you forget all the issues you had as you walked in the door. Your brain just shuts off and allows your body to be in the here and the now.  The therapist will cradle your neck in their hands and you think “OMG… nothing has ever felt so good”  they will rub their forearm across your back with deep pressure and you think you have died and gone to heaven. Ya, it can feel that good.


ll the time you are on the table feeling so good your brain is taking a break and finding some “space” from it all.   There is no boss, no crying kids, no house work….NO stress. You forget about the aching neck and pain in your back. You have been given some space from the pain. Some space from your stresses.  You remember what it feels like to feel good.  To feel calm. To breathe deep. To relax.

That is the real benefit of massage. The SPACE….  from the stress and the pain. The best part you can carry that space with you for a time after your massage to continue your stress-free, pain-free feelings.

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