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My Tooth Ache Musings...

by Lisa Poole on Monday, December 26, 2016

Don’t let that little ache go. A slight pain becomes a BIG pain before you know it.

Unfortunately, as we age things break down; skin loses its bounce, hair thins, joints get stiff, it gets hard to read (near and far), hearing goes (what-what) and teeth get worn….and this brings me to my thoughts of pain….I presently have a tooth to far gone for a root  canal that will be pulled tomorrow and I have been in a state of high discomfort for 3 days

A month ago I noticed a tender spot on my gums and I thought I will brush and floss more it will get better. Nope. My good friend is my hygienist, I could have dropped a line and described it to her and got some advice but I thought “it’ll be fine”. So 3 weeks later I go in for a cleaning and get a shocked what the heck you got going on…You are going to need a root canal….even before the x-ray. Yup root canal….2 weeks later I go for a root canal (why 2 weeks? I was too busy. yada yada yada) and the dentist drills looks with his microscope ahhhh tooth is really too far gone. So I call my dentist because I now need the tooth pulled. They could have got me in the next day and “oh I will be fine for a few more days lets do next week because I am too busy.” ….now it is day 4 and my diet consists of soft food and god forbid I accidentally bite down…OUCH! No wonder why babies cry all the time when teething.

All this got me thinking about how we all put those little things off. That neck that can’t look over the shoulder backing up, the lower back that tugs when you bend wrong, the knee that aches after a 3-mile run….we think will get better in a few days. But a few days come and go and it only gets worse.


Why do we put off taking care of ourselves? As you can see I am just as guilty as everyone else. I could have called the dentist right away and been in and out. Had the tooth pulled and never been in the pain I am in now. But nooooo….I did not. So soup and Advil are now my friends.

Now if you take some of these aches and pains and don’t ignore them but address them head on you might have a better outcome. You wake with a stiff neck do you wait for it to improve or go online and schedule a series massages to work on the issue? It has snowed and you have shoveled for 3 days the back is killing do you wait and rest it (haha its winter there is no rest) or book a 60 min session to get that body some work?

When you think about it you can agree to address the issue head-on makes more sense than waiting. But we all wait. I see the waiters. They call when they are desperate they have seen doctors, chiros, and PTs to no avail. They are now desperate and don’t understand why they hurt so bad.

Another thought is the cost. We all know how expensive healthcare is.  Out of pocket cost have not gotten lower but higher. Greater deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance all with less coverage. By waiting you WILL have more doctor visits. There could be x-ray, prescriptions, PT appointments or more.  Missed time from work and lots of loss of sleep. All equal more money.

Exercise, diet and learning a new activity all take time.  After a length of time, you become efficient at whatever it is. You no longer have to work so hard and you have made some good physical changes. That is great. Frequent massage addressing an issue will create improved function and reduce pain. But ignore that little nagging pain with poor posture and repetitive motion you will get greater pain. It then becomes part of who you are, your body knows this pain and expects it. Ugg…

So how do you fix this?

Don’t ignore it at the beginning.

If it was ignored you now have to address it just like exercise or learning a new activity.

Frequently without giving up.

No one wants to be in pain.  

I wish I had not ignored that little spot. It has been a long weekend and I can’t wait to eat like a normal person again.

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