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Life is Crazy!

by Lisa Poole on Monday, June 29, 2015


My sad boy.

Well friends, I have to say my life has been crazy the past few weeks – heck months. Selling and buying a home IS the MOST stressful experience I have ever had. We are in our new home and slowly settling in. I have learned a couple things that I want to share.

Moving Tips

1. Purge. When you think you have purged enough purge more. And when you think you are done do it again.

2. Label your boxes. Not with just “Kitchen” but exactly what is in said kitchen box.

3. Work together on unpacking. 2 people working in the same room may get crowded but you won’t get these texts later “Honey where is the sprinkler?”

4. You will lose stuff. No matter how sure you are that it was in xyz box stuff will go missing (ie. sprinklers). **We are hoping they will show up magically, if they don’t we have Gremlins.**

5. Clean and paint before you move in. It is a royal pain in the butt doing it after all your stuff is in the house.  You have to move the stuff again and again….oy

6. Did I say Purge??? Seriously get rid of the punch bowl sets that you have never (and I mean NEVER) used.

7. Dogs get homesick too. My guy still wants to go home.

8. Cats don’t care. Give them food and a box. What ever….

9. When you meet your new neighbors immediately go in the house and make a list and put it on the fridge so you know who is who. We now have the Texans, guy that works at Logan and his wife whose name starts with an S, and Mr. and Mrs. John.  (We are not good with names can you tell?).

10. Comcast *&^%$ ! I wish I could say something helpful here but it has been such an issue getting cable and internet. I have no solution other than selling your tv and computer and reading a newspaper.

and the bonus helpful hint…..PURGE. We all have way more stuff than we will ever ever ever need. Less stuff equals less to move, less to unpack, and less to lose to those damn Gremlins.

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