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The Less Stressful Way to Get Health Insurance

by Timothy D. Hirsch on Monday, November 28, 2016

Today’s blog is brought to you by Timothy D. Hirsch

“My profession is to help people their personal benefits and my service is always provided at no cost to my clients. As an independent adviser, I can serve my clients by offering many choices when it comes to insuring their health. Whether is it under 65 health insurance or Medicare for seniors over age 65. Having several options to choose and compare from is very important. My services also include life insurances, annuities, and disability coverage. It is important to build a wall off protection for those unforeseen circumstances, and I am her to help with freedom of choice and counsel. ” – Tim



Now a day it’s become an all too familiar scenario where employees are not being offered health insurance though a job. Even more people are venturing out on their own as sole proprietors and business owners. The question for these people now becomes, how do I get the benefits that were once offered through my employment? I want to introduce Jane, and see if her story sounds familiar in any way.

Jane has recently become a sole proprietor and has just set out on her own business venture. She has broken free from the corporate chains that once gave her a great benefits package she rarely thought about. She used to work for a large corporation that offered matching 401k benefits, health insurance, dental, vision, disability, and a small life insurance policy.  Once a year Jane would quickly review her coverage and move on with her daily routine. Now that she is separated from her corporate position she quickly realizes that she is going to have to do something despite her hectic new schedule and running her new business.

In our first scenario, Jane decides that she is a do-it-herself type and begins her research. She realizes that she is not even sure how much she paid for these coverages as they use to be automatically deducted from her paycheck. As she researches her old paystubs she realizes she was paying $200 a month from her paycheck for all her benefits. She uses this gauge and begins her research. She quickly starts seeing health insurance premiums and companies ranging quite considerably. She quickly gets confused and chooses a plan where the company sounds familiar. She decides to pick a company that sounds familiar and chooses a plan that she deems to be the right fit.

In our other scenario, Jane seeks the counsel of a local benefits adviser. This adviser meets with her in person for a no-cost consultation to customize a health insurance plan for Jane. Her new adviser asks her questions about her network and doctor and finds out what plans are available to her based on the doctors that she needs to see. She can now review all the health insurance plans that her doctors accept. Her adviser also helps her find a dental and vision plan that fits her needs. To round it out they find an affordable life insurance plan that fits her budget. Best of all it turns out Jane is eligible for a subsidy and she is going to receive $300 a month to help pay her health insurance premium.  As a result, she has a health insurance plan, dental, vision, life insurance for less than what it cost her to do it herself.

This example may seem farfetched, but it’s all too often the case. Not only is Jane now confident that her health insurance plan will be accepted by her doctor. She can now have peace of mind that her other insurance needs have also been met.  Jane now realizes that she can have all the same great benefits she used to be offered through her corporate job. Not only that she has an adviser that she can rely on to answer her questions and personally help her with ongoing insurance needs as her needs change.  That is a less stressful way to get insurance benefits!

Timothy D. Hirsch


Benefits Advisor

Omni Insurance Brokerage

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