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How to Have Unconditional Love

by Lisa Poole on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My boy.

It has been a sad beginning to my new year. We lost our four-legged family member, Rufus. He was a wonderful golden retriever who was with us for too short of a time. Nine years may sound like a long time but it flies by and is never long enough.

As the saying goes cancer sucks. It is awful for humans and just as sad for our furry friends.  I don’t want to be Debbie Downer here so I want to share some of the wonderful life lessons I learned from Rufus

  1. When you meet someone new if you like and trust them, let them know right away.

The day we picked up Rufus (he was adopted and he came up in a box truck from Louisiana) he bounded over to us sniffed and then laid down in the parking lot to let us rub his belly. That is a sign of trust from a dog. We fell in love immediately.

2.  Play in water.

Rufus would play in the sprinkler with the kids, would swim in the river and lake. It was a joy for him.

3. Roll in the grass and snow. It just plain ol feels good.

Every day you could catch Rufus rolling on the ground whether it was covered in snow or wet grass. He would roll and make this happy growl noise. It made me smile every time to watch him.

Happy Dog

4. Spa days rock! Getting a haircut and a bath feels great.

The dog who loved water also loved baths. I would say to Rufus, “hey buddy its spa day” and he would get all excited. He was a big dog, about 90 lbs, and it was a messy process but he loved every minute. From my trimming all the long fur on his feet, legs, belly, and butt. He would climb in the tub saving my back and then climb out shaking and proceed to get me and everything in the bathroom soaked. Then I would sit on the floor and he in my lap while I towel dried him (his favorite part).

5. Massage Rocks! Even more than Spa Day.

Never mind that I am a massage therapist, we had a friend who went to school to become a dog massage therapist. She needed to practice and Rufus got to be a practice doggie.  Rufus got to know her car and would almost come out of his skin with excitement when she came.

6. Protect your home. There are “Bad Guys” everywhere.

Bad Guys = squirrels, chipmunks, and turkeys.  Every time we let Rufus out first thing in the morning he would leap off the back deck and go running after the squirrels and chipmunks. When we moved this summer we found out we have wild turkeys that live in the woods near us, so he would chase and bark at them too. Even at the end if those turkeys where near he would bark at them.

7. Sunbathe and take naps every day.

You could always find Rufus lying in the sun napping inside or out.

8. Love your family and make them happy.

It is easy to do.  Cuddle, play, love with no questions asked nothing expected in return.

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