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Don't Let the Pressure of a New Year Stunt Your Growth

by Lisa Poole on Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Yup another 365 days passed and we are in a new year.  What does this mean to you?  For me, it is just another page ripped out of the calendar and put in the trash (Metaphorically speaking.  I have not had a paper calendar in years).  Really, why all the hubbub about a “new year”?  Was the past year that horrible? Why now do we feel the need to declare what we will do differently?  We can’t make changes on a Wednesday in April…..that may be a tad sarcastic….as Nike says “Just do it.”


Good-bye 2015

I believe in making change for the better. It is great to reflect. To think about what is causing us stress, giving us daily challenges, and those nagging issues that we keep saying we want to change.  We should reflect often and figure out ways to make corrections. There is nothing wrong with looking for help. Reading books, taking self-help classes, or even seeking professional services.

I have goals and changes that I want to make. As evolving human beings, we all should.  Some of the goals I have had for years others for months. That is what a goal is, something to achieve and work on. Once it is accomplished you need another to step in. You don’t just have 365 days to do it. Wouldn’t that be horrible to think “I only have 365 days to do something and then after that poof, I am either a success or a loser.”

No wonder why so many people give up and never accomplish their goals or make changes.  The thought process of you either do or do not equate success or failure.  I know I have thought this way before. The stress and pressure were tremendous. I gave up or never tried.  Part of the joys of aging is growth and learning.  I have learned that not achieving a goal does not make me a looser or does accomplishing the goal make me a winner having instant success and making millions of dollars.


Woohoo! I am rich!!

Life is constantly changing. For better or for worse life is in motion. Please don’t be like the news media and all of the social websites and only make changes once a year.  Reflect more often, pick a Wednesday in April, chose one thing and set your goal. Adjust as time goes by. Possibly change your goal or add a new, but don’t wait until the New Year. “Just do it” today.

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