Pillow Talk: How To Pick The Right Pillow For You.
By Dr. Alissa Dimos, CACCP Precision Chiropractic, Bedford, NH Okay, let’s start from square one. At the end of the day, your pillow’s most important job is to support you in your go-to…
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Body Awareness...Are You Listening?
Body awareness is just what it sounds like, being aware of your body. Most of us walk around oblivious to the body we live in. The aches in your back, a persistent twinge between your shoulders, or…
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Upper back pain help.
Upper back pain, or thoracic spine pain (TSP), is common—especially for people who spend long hours in front of a desk or computer screen. TSP is more common in women than men, and TSP…
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3 Ways to Triumph Over the Work-From Home Slump
Ergonomics, Stretching, and Mindful Self-Care By Cindy Williams  3 Ways to Triumph Over the Work-From Home Slump  While many have dreamed of having a job working from home, none expected to…
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