Repetitive Stress Injuries and Technology
What you think is just a nagging sore neck or shoulder is really a repetitive stress injury. Human beings were not intended to sit behind a desk or steering wheel 8-10 hours a day. We are not…
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Pectoralis and Posture
The pectoralis major and pectoralis minor influence your posture.  The pectoralis major is attached to your clavicle, sternum and the cartilage of your 1st through the 6th rib. It attaches to the…
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Stretch Your Way to Stress Relief
Stretch your way to stress relief. Seriously. If you can take a few moments a day to daydream you can take a moment or two to stretch. To properly stretch you really need to shut off the outer world…
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The importance of stretching.
You see the commercials for the medications, creams, heat pads and copper bandages all to help fix your aching problems. You know the ones. Stiff necks, low back pain, bum knees, and hips. Instead of…
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