The Magical Massage Therapist
Many comments at the end of a massage sound like “Wow! You are like magic. I feel so much better.” Or I am asked  “How do you find the right spots? I swear you are a magician.” Just call…
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Massage and Fitness Urban Legends
I was discussing workouts with a friend the other day when they made the statement “I need to see you for a massage. I am so sore after my workouts and I know massage is great for getting rid of…
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Shoes with heels can cause back pain and more.
High Heels...The Tool of the Devil Comfort???? I think not!!! But ohhh so pretty.  I know they are pretty, come in many colors, styles, and heel heights but I think high heels are the tool of…
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Beware of Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI)
Scary ROUS! Beware of RSI. You ask what RSI is. Is it the creature from the Fire Swamp in Princess Bride? Nooooo that's ROUS (click here if you love Princess Bride). RSI is repetitive stress…
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