Massage VS Bodywork
Knowing the world of health touch possibilities. By Cindy Williams If you are familiar with massage and other hands-on therapeutic work, you may have heard the term bodywork but been unsure…
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Bodywork &Exercise
Increase Body Awareness While Increasing Your Activity By: Ruth Werner You have to give us credit: as a culture, Americans are incredibly interested in getting fit. We invest every year in new…
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Support your immune system. 7 things we can do for ourselves
By Angie Parris-Raney, LMT, Chopra Center Certified Technology has certainly put us in touch with important information on preventive measures for spreading the COVID-19 virus, such as…
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Repetitive Stress Injuries and Technology
What you think is just a nagging sore neck or shoulder is really a repetitive stress injury. Human beings were not intended to sit behind a desk or steering wheel 8-10 hours a day. We are not…
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