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About Peaceful Strength Massage, LLC

Massage Philosophy

A lot of massage therapists treat relaxation massage and clinical treatment massage as two completely different things. If you ask for treatment work, you get one type of service, and if you ask for relaxation, you get another type of service. The treatment massage can be so overly focused and painful it doesn’t provide lasting improvement. The relaxation massage feels nice but it doesn’t address functional goals or lead to any notable changes.

It’s frustrating to see this, to really help we have to combine clinical technique with therapies that induce deep relaxation. To be gently eased into a more comfortable state of being while addressing the areas of discomfort with a therapeutic approach.

What we offer at Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy is individual service. Each massage, each appointment is for the individual and their needs of the day. Every massage uses a variety of massage techniques that we have been trained in. We believe a good massage is more about the client-therapist relationship that you build than about the building, the smelly oils, the candles and the fancy titled serviced offered. If good physical and mental health is a priority for you give Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy a try.


Meet Lisa Poole, Owner and Licensed Massage Therapist

State of NH License #3769M


I know your struggles, I understand pain — intimately. I suffered for years with chronic hip and back pain. I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis at the ripe old age of 26 by 45 I was bone on bone in my right hip. In December of 2013 I had a total hip replacement after years in pain. It was the best decision I made for my health and wellness. Before the surgery massage was one of the treatments I sought to help me with pain relief and there were the added benefits of a mental calmness that got me through my anxiety, depression, and anger.

I have focused my adult life on healthy living and fitness. Even with the back pain, hip pain and the loss of mobility I continued to be active to the best of my ability. I truly believe in the power of exercise. It boosts your spirits, clears your mind, builds self-esteem and is great for keeping the girlish figure. I start every day with a work out of some fashion.

As licensed massage practitioner I help people with their self-care, chronic pain, and stress relief. I assist them in learning how to manage their pain and reclaim their bodies. I believe that self-care is a team activity. You may need to add a new exercise, incorporate a stretching routine, and change your workstation along with massage therapy on a regular basis.

Areas of Expertise

  • Associate of Science; Exercise Science-Manchester Technical College
  • 10 Years of Personal Training
  • Licensed Massage Therapy Certification – Seacoast Career School 2011
  • Myofascial Release Soft Tissue Mobilization 24 CE  April 2013
  • Advanced Myofascial Mobilization Certification  24 CE  October 2013
  • Thai Massage Level 1 20 CE September  2014
  • Positional Release for Neck and Shoulders 8 CE March 2015
  • Mana Lomi Level 1 24 CE completion June 2016
  • Deuro Neuro Modulation 16 CE April 2017
  • Integrated Manual Therapy / Orthopedic Massage 40 CE Nov 2017
  • Integrated Manual Therapy/ Orthopedic Massage/ Eliminate Multiple Nerve Compression                       16 CE March 2018

Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy is a privately owned business established in September of 2011.

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Meet Stephanie Laliberte

State of NH license #7515

Hello! I am Stephanie Laliberte, I am from Massachusetts and lived in New Hampshire for a few years in before moving to Virginia after I finished high school in 2006. Like many 18 year old’s I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I always wanted to go to school and be something great! After a few years of community college I found my passion for Massage Therapy and it changed my life forever. It has inspired me to do more than I ever thought possible.
Massage school was one of the most challenging things I ever went through.  In the end I not only finished but I flourished. I started practicing in 2011. I have seven years of AMAZING years of experience and I combine my knowledge of the body, my education and passion for relaxation massage. The most important thing that massage has taught me was compassion on a whole new level. I love to help people by educating my clients about how AMAZING their body is and why self-care is so important. My biggest goal as a massage therapist is to inspire people, to challenge their body and realize that what they have been told does not have to define them.

I am very fortunate to be in excellent health and have had no major accidents. I never take it for granted. I see clients every day that struggle to do everyday things and I thrive as a Massage Therapist to help my clients to not just be there best but also be AMAZING.

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler." -Henry David Thoreau.


To contact Stephanie please call our landline 603-622-3571


 Areas of Expertise

  • Fortis College- Diploma in Massage Therapy. Richmond VA  June 2011
  • Releasing the Iliopsoas - 6 CEU's in 11/2016
  • Pregnancy Massage -18 hours in 03/2013
  • Aromatouch Technique - 1 day course unknown CEU's in 05/2015
  • Prenatal Fundamentals Therapeutic Massage - 8 CEU's in 09/2015
  • Oncology Massage - 4 CEU's in 04/2018
  • Lymphatic Balancing - 20 CEU's in 04/2018 
  • Southern New Hampshire University  Bachelors in Health Care Administration  In progress

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine
    Personal Trainer Certificate
    In progress: Coming soon! 

Mission Statement

Peaceful Strength offers massage therapy, healthy lifestyle education in order to facilitate the health or rehabilitation of our clientele.

Awaken your body to a better life!


Client Testimonials from Massage Book

Joni, February 2018
Joni, February 2018
Lisa is highly professional, personable, and proficient in her skills. It was a totally satisfying experience.
Judi, December 2017
Judi, December 2017
I liked the gentle overall stretching and toning. I felt like everything was being re-aligned! The temperature of the room was perfect. The technique polished.
Maunie, December 2017
Maunie, December 2017
My first visit was very educational and the massage was tailored to my specific needs. I left feeling wonderful and was given a few new exercises to try.


Lisa was featured on Manchester Ink LInk!

Lisa was recently featured in an article about Peaceful Strength Massage Therapy: Get the Strength to Fight Your Pain

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More Reviews:

For Stephanie Laliberte

"I've been seeing Stephanie for about a year now and can't say enough good things about her! I was seeing her regularly and got off track towards the end of last year. I went back this week and forgot what I was missing! She has great pressure and targets my problem areas. It was so relaxing and now I'm excited to see her monthly again. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of massage!" yes


"Best massage I've ever had! Everyone should have one♡Stephanie did amazing!"heart


"Had a truly wonderful massage today from Stephanie! I'll definitely be back!" smiley

Peaceful Strength Massage

 167 S River Road, Bedford, NH 03110

603-738-6393 landline 603-622-3571


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