Massage Stretch Therapy

Effective therapy to bring about greater mobility and pain relief.

Are overly tight hamstrings making it hard to bend down and tie your shoes?
Do your shoulders, or neck feel tight and cramped after sitting at a desk for hours?
Is chronic lower back pain making it hard to walk the dog?
When you are trying to improve your health, sometimes you need a little outside help. This is where Peaceful Strength steps in with our Massage Stretch Therapy.
Massage stretch therapy gives everyday people a boost in flexibility, range of motion and injury recovery so you can once again start feeling more mobile and agile. With massage stretch therapy, you'll have more energy to live your life the way you want.
Whether you are an office worker, a retiree trying to improve their golf swing or an everyday athlete. Peaceful Strengths’ massage stretch therapy can have a positive affect on how you feel and how you perform. Sessions combine clinical Thai bodywork and massage techniques that are done on a Thai mat on the floor while you stay fully clothed. There is no getting naked and covered in oil here.

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